Twenty Concierge Wealth Management/CoLearning Book

Twenty Concierge Wealth Management/CoLearning Book

Daniele Beasley and Kelli Manthei


Daniele Beasley and Kelli Manthei’s allyship started when they first met over 20 years ago at a boutique active investment management firm. Beasley hired, then mentored Manthei, propelling her through promotions. Now peers, the pair like to think it’s been a two-way mentorship and allyship in which they swap skills and advocacy, and coach each other.

The partnership operates as a team. Beasley, CEO of Twenty Concierge, brings a passion for finance and flair for creativity while Manthei, chief experience officer at the firm, infuses its operations and culture with design and systems thinking.

The duality in their disciplines creates opportunities that wouldn’t be possible alone — and in fact, has shaped the firm’s parallel lines of business: Twenty CWM serves private clients on a one-to-one basis with its finance and design assets, and CoLearning Books makes accessible and reflective tools and workshops for financial literacy and wellness on a one-to-many model.

The pair’s first coloring book, Financial Wellness, integrates these elements to help people gain a general understanding of finance and their own behavior and habits, connect to and pursue their greater purpose in life, and practice self-care in a fun and lighthearted format.

“The idea to create a coloring book around financial literacy was exciting and natural for us to take on in August 2021. As our work progressed and professional exploits lined up, we had an ‘aha’ moment about our ability to combine our skills to formalize our partnership through Twenty,” Beasley said. — Gregg Greenberg