President, Apex Clearing

“Don't get too comfortable — take more risk!”

The mailroom guy at the Chicago real estate firm where she was working after college noticed that Tricia Rothschild didn’t seem happy. He suggested she look into a company whose employees seemed more like her. That company was Morningstar, and although she didn’t know a stock from a bond, Rothschild could write, so she was hired as an analyst. Over the next 26 years, her responsibilities grew with the firm, leading to her becoming chief product officer. As 2019 drew to a close, she was “ready for something different,” which began this past July when Rothschild joined Apex.

She describes the company as a tech-forward clearing firm empowering improvements in the “above the waterline” user experience through advancements in the “below the waterline” wiring and plumbing that connects everything operationally. “We want to give people more confidence in their financial well-being,” Rothschild says, “and our role in that is reducing financial friction so they can get the outcomes they need.”

— Evan Cooper