Managing director and head of customized beta strategies, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

“A lot of good changes are happening.”

The inexorable advance of technology has spurred numerous innovations in financial products. Leading one area capitalizing on these trends is Monali Vora, who has been a pioneer in creative uses of passive investment techniques to customize equity investment opportunities. “With customization in so many aspects of our life, one-size-fits-all no longer is an appropriate approach in investing,” says Vora, who has been with Goldman’s asset management division since 2000, when exchange-traded funds were on the rise and the direct investing approach known as customized beta was just starting.

Her business unit now oversees more than 15,000 separate accounts managed to meet the individual needs and preferences of investors. Vora encourages diversity, collaboration and listening among her team, believing they are essential to innovation. “Over the last four years in particular, there has been considerable movement on issues of gender and race,” she says. “A lot of good changes are happening.”

— Evan Cooper