Judith McGee

Judith McGee

CEO and chair, McGee Wealth Management

It isn’t so easy for women to step into the industry on their own or take steps forward even if they’re in the industry, said Judith McGee, chief executive and chair of McGee Wealth Management and co-branch manager, Raymond James Financial Services.

Having led her own independent practice since 1982, Ms. McGee is well aware of the slow pace of progress of women entering the field through the decades. To address the challenge, she co-founded the Women’s Leadership Alliance to help women clearly visualize potential career pathways and connect with advocates to help them.

Notable about WLA’s approach is that it not only provides mentors to women entering the profession, but also has sponsors who act as advocates and make essential introductions.

“It can’t be just six months of talk and coaching. There has to be a relationship with someone who can intervene and help them find opportunities they weren’t aware of,” said Ms. McGee, who in 1979 was one of the first women in the western U.S. to become a CFP.
— Deborah Nason