Jessica Liberi

Jessica Liberi

Head of product, eMoney Advisor

People have a life, said Jessica Liberi. It’s a fact that this mother of three recognizes and with which she has a deep appreciation.

How does she accommodate a work-life balance for herself and her employees — her team has an equal mix of men and woman — at eMoney, which is owned by Fidelity Investments.

Ms. Liberi starts by thinking about it as work-life integration, rather than balance.

“It’s all about those small decisions that mean a lot, that add up over time,” Ms. Liberi said, “[attending to things] that, if I’d missed, could have a big impact on my kids’ lives, such as sporting events or getting them on the bus in the mornings.”

Likewise, she aids her employees in their own work-life integration by supporting remote working, even for those who live locally.

“As leaders, we should set expectations, not on how many hours you’re sitting in the seat, but if you get the job done,” she said.
— Deborah Nason