Hightower Bethesda

Hightower Bethesda

Leah Jones and Morgan Sarraf


Leah Jones has always had an interest in investing, as well as a desire to help other women succeed. After graduating with a degree in finance from Smith School of Business at University of Maryland College Park, she went to work at J.P. Morgan, where she held a number of project-management and support roles before becoming a financial adviser. After moving on to Hightower Bethesda, she continued to gain certifications and mentees among young women interested in the profession.

One of those women was Morgan Sarraf, a neighborhood friend who Jones inspired to leave her job as a home design consultant to join her at Hightower Bethesda. With Jones’ encouragement, Sarraf achieved her CFP designation at record speed.

“The big part of me making the switch was knowing that Leah would be there to support me,” Sarraf said. “She has a tremendous drive and you want to be with someone who is such a positive force.”

Sarraf also followed Jones’ example of balancing work and family, which gave Sarraf the confidence to start a family of her own. As a mother to two young children, Jones blends her personal and professional priorities by teaching young people about finance and investing, and has authored a children’s book, “Kai Makes Money.”

Even though Jones introduced Sarraf to Hightower Bethesda, their relationship is mutually beneficial from a business perspective. With Sarraf opening doors, Jones focuses on landing new clients. “It’s definitely a two-way street,” Jones said. “Morgan is so great with clients because she is a tremendous listener. She picks up on things I miss and vice versa.” — Gregg Greenberg