Helen Yang

Helen Yang

CEO and founder, Andes Wealth Technologies


Helen Yang launched Andes Wealth Technologies in 2017 to provide a solution to a problem she believes is widespread across the wealth management industry.

Yang has decades of experience in academia and technology, and she’s worked with and for some of the biggest brands in financial services. But the riddle she solves through Andes Wealth is how to turn abstract behavioral finance theory into practical tools for financial advisers. In short, the patented platform she created converts the blunt instrument of standard client-risk profiling into a customizable and flexible program that matches clients with the investment models offered by financial advisers.

Andes Wealth currently has 40 advisers signed onto the platform, and those advisers are serving between 50 and 150 clients each.

“During times of market turmoil, we help advisers combine behavioral finance with deep analytics to help advisers deliver differentiation and truly personalized services,” Yang said. “We use behavioral finance to help clients understand emotions because we don’t want behavioral finance to become a generic conversation.”

The Andes Wealth platform, which charges advisers a monthly fee of $400, takes what Yang describes as a “box-checking practice” of having clients fill out a risk profile and turns it into a live and evolving foundation for each client relationship.

“I saw the problem with wealth management that people wanted to deliver personalized service and differentiation but didn’t know how to do it,” she said. “We provide total onboarding that takes clients from risk tolerance assessments all the way to investment policy statements.” — Jeff Benjamin