Heather Goodbody

Heather Goodbody

Senior vice president and private wealth adviser, Goodbody & Associates

While many initiatives exist to bring more women into the industry, progress doesn’t seem noticeable.

“I almost wonder if most people are not familiar with financial advising as a career. I’m not sure we are communicating about it in a holistic way, explaining the facets that would appeal to women, such as schedule flexibility,” said Heather Goodbody, senior vice president and adviser for the Goodbody & Associates team at Merrill Private Wealth Management.

Another challenge is “not seeing someone like yourself succeed,” she said. Addressing this need, Ms. Goodbody has long been involved with Merrill Lynch’s Women’s Exchange, serving as president in 2017 of the 5,000-plus member, 55-chapter organization.

“It’s important to have a close-knit group of people to support you and to just listen,” she said. “We want to give women the best resources and pointers to be their best selves.”
— Deborah Nason